Screening Newborns To Prevent Wrongful Deaths

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Nothing in life is more precious than a newborn baby. As such, we often count on our doctors to pay close attention to a newborn’s particular needs, knowing it is such a fragile time. There is no greater horror then, than discovering a doctor or hospital’s negligence has led to our newborn child suffering from avoidable brain injuries or wrongful death.

Simply Unacceptable

Shortly after birth, newborns are commonly given a blood test to screen for any disease or ailments that require immediate treatment. When hospitals obtain these results promptly, they can be analyzed to prescribe particular treatments, which help to avoid disabilities and even death resulting from rare diseases.¬†Sometimes, however, whether because of internal hospital policy, indifference to state regulations, or simply a hospital employee’s negligence,¬†hospitals wrongfully delay in obtaining the results of these blood tests to the newborn’s detriment.

In Oregon, nearly 7% of all such blood samples took five or more days to reach labs. This means the results took even longer to get back to those hospitals for analysis. By that time, a newborn may have experienced irreversible harm resulting from otherwise preventable diseases, which often times would have had simple and effective remedies.

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You can’t be expected to know what is best for your newborn without the help of trusted medical professionals. When those professionals break that trust to your child’s detriment, they must be held responsible. When you’re ready, you should contact an experienced attorney who can help make you and your child whole again to the fullest extent possible.