Highway 26 Trucking Accident Raises Concerns

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A recent accident on Oregon highway 26 involving a loaded logging truck reminded us just how dangerous trucking and rollover accidents can be. The seemingly perfect storm of factors contributed to the crash, including being in a rural area and involving a fatigued or impaired truck driver. Giant logs came loose, covering the highway and shoulder. The driver of the pickup truck hit by the logging rig was airlifted to OHSU for serious injuries. Fortunately, the accident occurred in front of a restaurant where local police officers had just convened to hold a meeting, therefore ensuring an immediate response. In this post, we’d like to review what to keep in mind on the road to hopefully avoid being involved in this type of frightening accident, and what to do in the event that you are.

Leave More Space

It’s easy to follow closely when traffic is bad or you’re in a hurry. While most of the time this causes no problems, it can be deadly if a semi-truck is involved. Due to the increased weight of these vehicles, they require more distance to slow or come to a stop. Be sure to give a wide berth for larger vehicles in case you need to stop quickly.

Use Signals

While you should always use your directional blinkers, it’s especially imperative to follow this basic traffic rule around large trucks. If the trucker doesn’t know where you’re going, they can’t accurately steer clear or give enough space. If passing a truck, use your signal and ensure there is more space than necessary in order to stay safe.

Be Aware

Though commercial truck drivers are required to adhere to strict rules and regulations, we know that this doesn’t always happen. For instance, we know that overtired and impaired commercial vehicle driving is far too common. If you’re sharing the road with a large truck, be hyper aware of their placement and behavior. Nodding off for even a second can have disastrous results if you don’t see a mistake coming.

Get the Law on Your Side

In the event that you are involved in an accident involving a truck or any other vehicle, you should hire an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney immediately. We have represented countless cases such as this and will get you the compensation you deserve to repair or replace your vehicle, pay medical expenses, and account for pain and suffering. We understand the ins and outs of dealing with insurance companies and will go to bat on your behalf. Call us now at (503) 417-4227 to get started.