Don’t Undermine Your Own Personal Injury Claim Online

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These days, whether we like it or not, much of what we do ends up online. Increasingly, we use social media to document our everyday activities, especially when those activities are new or exciting. Although the more noteworthy activities we engage in are great fodder for social media, publicizing these events can oftentimes come back to bite us when bringing a personal injury claim. Keep in mind that any statement about your accident or injury, whether made face-to-face or via social media, can be used to undermine your claim.

Just Consider

For example, imagine a situation where you’re injured in a fender bender. A few months pass since the accident and you start to feel better, but the injury has multiple lingering effects that limit your physical ability. Despite the nagging injuries, your friends convince you to go on a skiing trip, and post photos of the trip on Facebook, Instagram, etc. afterward. Now imagine you’re in court trying to convince a jury the nagging injuries persist to this day. Even if what you’re arguing is 100% true, what do you think is the first thing opposing counsel is going to bring up? That’s right: “If the plaintiff was good enough to go skiing months ago, how injured can the plaintiff really be today?”

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Don’t make their job easier for them. When you’ve been injured in any accident resulting in a probable claim, you should contact an experienced attorney immediately, someone who can help you filter your online output so as not to weaken your own claim. Attorney Sarah Nelson has the experience and skill set necessary to secure the future you deserve.