Good News About Your Rear-End Collision

When it comes to a rear-end collision, it is widely accepted that responsibility lies with the driver who runs into the car in front of them. In fact, after decades of reinforcement, many [...]

Highway 26 Trucking Accident Raises Concerns

A recent accident on Oregon highway 26 involving a loaded logging truck reminded us just how dangerous trucking and rollover accidents can be. The seemingly perfect storm of factors contributed [...]

Car Accidents Happen, Even When Phone Use Is Handsfree

The blog has gone in depth into distracted driving and the way it can increase the risk of getting in a car accident. While some of us think our Bluetooth and hands-free technologies make us more [...]

Another Drunk Driving Accident On I-5

Despite the number of incidents decreasing overall, the tragedies created by drunk driving continue to mount. Just last night, a three-car crash on Interstate 5 is believed to be the result of [...]