Good News About Your Rear-End Collision

When it comes to a rear-end collision, it is widely accepted that responsibility lies with the driver who runs into the car in front of them. In fact, after decades of reinforcement, many [...]

Highway 26 Trucking Accident Raises Concerns

A recent accident on Oregon highway 26 involving a loaded logging truck reminded us just how dangerous trucking and rollover accidents can be. The seemingly perfect storm of factors contributed [...]

Staying Safe in Commuter Biketown USA

Earlier this summer in July, the Biketown project launched in Portland. Biketown is a new alternative public transportation program that utilizes bike-sharing. Subscribers pay a daily, monthly, [...]

When Defective Products Cause Personal Injury, Who Is To Blame?

As the weather turns from winter to spring, many of us will find ourselves motivated to clean up the yard around our home. Often times this means using tools and equipment that should probably [...]

Car Accidents Happen, Even When Phone Use Is Handsfree

The blog has gone in depth into distracted driving and the way it can increase the risk of getting in a car accident. While some of us think our Bluetooth and hands-free technologies make us more [...]

Another Drunk Driving Accident On I-5

Despite the number of incidents decreasing overall, the tragedies created by drunk driving continue to mount. Just last night, a three-car crash on Interstate 5 is believed to be the result of [...]

In Personal Injury Cases, Admitting Fault ≠ Admitting Damages

In the movies, when a bad guy confesses to a crime often times he is arrested immediately and the case is closed. When the situation arises in a personal injury claim where a defendant admits [...]

Beer May Lead to Personal Injury, But Not How You Might Imagine

Many people will tell you there are two things principally responsible for shaping the culture here in the Pacific Northwest. The first is obvious: it rains, a lot. The second is perhaps a [...]

Screening Newborns To Prevent Wrongful Deaths

Nothing in life is more precious than a newborn baby. As such, we often count on our doctors to pay close attention to a newborn’s particular needs, knowing it is such a fragile time. There [...]

Don’t Undermine Your Own Personal Injury Claim Online

These days, whether we like it or not, much of what we do ends up online. Increasingly, we use social media to document our everyday activities, especially when those activities are new or [...]

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