Car Accidents Happen, Even When Phone Use Is Handsfree

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The blog has gone in depth into distracted driving and the way it can increase the risk of getting in a car accident. While some of us think our Bluetooth and hands-free technologies make us more responsible than those texting teens, the opposite may in fact be the case.

Say What?

A recent study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and the University of Utah demonstrates the way hands-free technologies may be actually making driving more dangerous. The study looked at various phone programs and car technologies that use voice commands to take the place of physically holding and using the phone. Somewhat surprisingly, the study found drivers who used programs like Apple’s Siri for navigation or hands-free texting actually made them more distracted than if they were holding the phone and making a call.

If you stop and think about it, it makes perfect sense. How many of us have tried to use a voice-operated function, and the program completely botched what we were trying to tell it? Now imagine you’re driving and trying to correct the program at the same time–that can be pretty distracting.

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None of these programs, to this point, work perfectly every time. Until technology gets there, we have to continue to make sure our focus is on the road. That means thinking about the ways our devices can truly distract us, even when they’re not in our hands. Because whether you’re a texting teen or a Bluetooth savvy businessman, a wreck caused by distracted driving is still a wreck. Contact our office now to learn more about how personal injury attorney Sarah Nelson can help you recover damages following your auto accident.