Beer May Lead to Personal Injury, But Not How You Might Imagine

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Many people will tell you there are two things principally responsible for shaping the culture here in the Pacific Northwest. The first is obvious: it rains, a lot. The second is perhaps a byproduct of the first: beer is everywhere. Yes, as the endless rain drives us inside, many of us here in Oregon gravitate toward the tap handles that seem to be popping up with increasing regularity. But with all the myriad ways one could imagine beer consumption would lead to personal injury, perhaps the tap handle itself has been overlooked – until now.

Tapped Out

A recent recall hits close to home for us pacific north westerners, and reminds us of the countless ways defective products can lead to personal injuries. Taphandles, a Seattle-based company, has recently issued a voluntary recall notice regarding many of its ceramic style products. This includes tap handles for popular beers such as Samuel Adams and Pilsner Urquell, and even many of the tap handles made for Portland-based brewery Widmer. According to the company, the ceramic materials used in similar products by competitors have caused the tap handle to break during normal use, creating a laceration hazard to the user.

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