Screening Newborns To Prevent Wrongful Deaths

Nothing in life is more precious than a newborn baby. As such, we often count on our doctors to pay close attention to a newborn’s particular needs, knowing it is such a fragile time. There [...]

Don’t Undermine Your Own Personal Injury Claim Online

These days, whether we like it or not, much of what we do ends up online. Increasingly, we use social media to document our everyday activities, especially when those activities are new or [...]

Expressing Pain After Personal Injury

I think its safe to say we all express pain after personal injury a little differently. For example, one person may slip and fall in a store and be able to shake it off and walk away. Another [...]

Recovering for Your Injuries While Avoiding Trial

By definition, no one chooses to be involved in an accident. When it happens, however, you shouldn’t be afraid to seek the relief you’re entitled to under Oregon state law. Often [...]

Portland’s Breed-Blind Approach To Dog Bites

People tend to draw a hard line when it comes to keeping pit bulls as pets. For many, either they believe the dogs to be inherently vicious and prone to dog bites, or they believe them to simply [...]