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Oregon Personal Injury Arbitrations & Mediations

Personal injury arbitration and mediation cases occupy a unique corner of the legal universe. These cases bring with them their own set of challenges and their own uniquely personal, emotional and financial impact on both parties. Oftentimes, maybe most times, going all the way to trial is in not in the best interest of either litigant. Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, which are in many cases mandatory, are often the best way for all parties to find a resolution that they can live with, so they can get on with the business of living their lives. Personal injury lawyers know this and many of their clients learn it in the process. Whether it’s a mediation or arbitration, the neutral party must have experience in the unique elements of the personal injury field. Having spent nearly half of her career on the defense side and half of her career on the plaintiff side, Sarah Nelson brings the kind of experience to a mediation or arbitration that is required to achieve a fair, balanced and measured resolution to a case.

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Mediation Testimonials

  • I highly recommend Sarah as your mediator if you have a case where the parties are seemingly unable to see eye to eye. Her roughly equal experience on both the plaintiff and defense sides of civil litigation give her a unique ability to persuade the parties to mediation to compromise and reach common ground.

    Sam Stanke
  • Sarah treats all parties with respect. Most importantly, she moves things along. Clients feel at ease. She listens and provides all parties with an opportunity to be heard. She has the skills to hear both sides and to make a neutral decision. Her experience in personal injury shows in the arbitration decisions she makes. Her opinions are backed up with findings.

    Melissa Bobadilla
  • I recently used Sarah as a mediator in a case that I characterized as having a potential for settlement somewhere between "extremely slim" and "snowballs in Hell." To begin, Sarah was thoroughly prepared from the moment the mediation commenced. She had not only read the submitted materials, but she had also done independent research on those materials. Sarah also did not waste a ton of time on pleasantries beyond what was necessary for some degree of rapport with the respective parties. It was clear she was motivated to settle the case, and somehow, with just the appropriate amount of empathy and toughness, she did so. I would use Sarah again in a heartbeat and heartily recommend her to anyone.

    Darian Stanford
  • Sarah’s mediation in my case was a true success. She was very effective in getting both parties to see their cases from a different perspective. Sarah was also able to get the other side to move when we all thought movement was looking impossible. At the end of the day Sarah’s services were an excellent investment and we were able to settle the case to my client’s extreme satisfaction! Sarah is highly recommended!

    Jose Cienfuegos

About Sarah Nelson Arbitrations and Mediations

Sarah Nelson, P.C. Sarah Nelson is the right neutral for your case because she has experience on both sides of any case. She understands the concerns of both sides and she knows how to truly hear the facts from both sides. In a mediation setting, Sarah Nelson takes that information to heart in attempting to fashion a resolution both sides can live with. In an arbitration setting, Sarah Nelson applies the law to the facts in a fair and decisive manner. Either way, the parties can move forward with their lives without the stress, risk and intrusion of a formal trial. More About Sarah

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